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The Purpose

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To clearly define what is done and not done in this office, so you are sure of your and my responsibilities.

There is and intelligence in the body which coordinates, repairs, renews, and heals every cell.
The nervous system is a very important coordinating center for that intelligences magnification into the physical body.
Stresses in the world today cause interference with our inborn intelligence decreasing its ability to carry out its functions.
These stresses can be caused by physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual trauma inflicted or induced over very short or very long periods.
Removing the interferences allows inborn intelligence to have greater capacity to allow the individual to heal themselves.  That is what I do.
Naming, organizing, diagnosing, and treating symptoms or disease processes are not my job.
I do not, nor will I ever discourage you from seeking medical or any other professional help for the treatment of symptoms or diseases.
The purpose of the care at this office is to allow the internal wisdom of the body to manifest itself as fully as possible, creating the opportunity for true healing and greater wisdom in how to conduct yourself in the world.
  Bob Dalton, DC